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What is corduroy ?

In recent years, more and more consumers like corduroy fabric. Corduroy is round and plump, wear-resistant, thick texture, soft feel and good warmth preservation. Here let me explain it in detail for you.
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GRS certificate

We push ourselves with every new collection to create more sustainably. Today we look at the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) and what it means for us.
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The concept of RCEP RCEP is abbreviate of Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. It is a proposed agreement between the member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) and its free trade agreement (FTA) partners. The pact aims to cover trade in goods and services, intellectual property, etc.

How is the corduroy coming from?

To manufacture superior quality fabrics for most varieties, We start with superb microfibre that meet the highest technical standards anywhere in the world. The first step in corduroy production involves the analysising, strething, beeming and warp knitting. At our mill, this is accomplished on new high speed Karl Mayer Machine made in Germany.


The term “velvety” means soft, and it takes its meaning from its namesake fabric: velvet. The soft, smooth fabric epitomizes luxury, with its smooth nap and shiny appearance. Velvet has been a fixture of fashion design and home decor for years, and its high-end feel and appearance make it an ideal textile for elevated design.
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How much fabric do you actually need

Today I am gonna be talking about answering the question how much fabric should I buy or how much fabric should you buy. Well, I can easily tell you right off the top of my head what my personal opinion is. Firstly, you need to think about several questions as follows: How many commodity can I make with those quantity of fabric? How much money should I paid for it, is it economy enough? How long can I sell them out ?