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KS Velvet Stars

Please see the illustrate of our color chart below, we also accept customize. Thanks to the owned dyeing plate what we have, the lab dip can usually be done within 7 days. You can send the sample to us, or you can just advise with Pantone color code.



Are you looking for a soft and stretchy velvet fabric that can be used for various purposes? Look no further than our elastic velvet fabric with silver threads. This fabric has a composition of 88% polyester, 6% spandex and 6% silver, making it durable, comfortable and shiny. It is suitable for making women’s clothing, home textiles, pants and more.

We have 14 colors available in stock, so you can choose the one that matches your style. This is a classic product with high quality and great value. Order now and get ready to create your own masterpiece with this versatile fabric!

Price Per Kilogram

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重量1 公斤
尺寸5 × 25 × 25 厘米



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