What is corduroy?


In recent years, more and more consumers like corduroy fabric. Corduroy is round and plump, wear-resistant, thick texture, soft feel and good warmth preservation. Here let me explain it in detail for you.

What is corduroy 

Corduroy is formed by cutting the weft. After cutting the lint by the blade, brushing the lint and so on, the surface of the fabric appears like a wick shape and raised lint, so it is called corduroy. Corduroy is also called rush velvet.

The usage of corduroy

Corduroy texture thick, good heat preservation, suitable for the production of autumn and winter outerwear,sofa fabric, shoes ,hats fabric ,curtain and other decorative supplies.

About us

We are a warp knitting manufacturer for more than 10 years. We have our own corduroy products, such as 5W, 8W, 11W, 16W and 21W. These are long-term stock products, of course, they can also be customized.Welcome to consult and order.