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What is burnt-out fabric?

Burnt-out fabric is also known as convex flower fabric. The burnt-out fabric is made of two kinds of fibers with different acid resistance, which are blended or spun into core-wrapped yarn and woven into grey fabric of burnt-out fabric as warp and weft yarns. After the dyeing and printing process, the burnt-out fabric is processed in acid solution, so that the acid-resistant part of the fiber is dissolved and rotted away, which becomes burnt-out fabric.
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Finishing enhance appearance

功能整理分类及解析 Finishes enhancing appearance Treatments enhancing appearance include such processes as napping and shearing, brushing, singeing, beetling, decating, tentering, calendering or pressing, moiréing, embossing, creping, glazing, polishing, and optical brightening.
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Textile finishing processes

Basic methods and processes includes all the mechanical and chemical processes employed commercially to improve the acceptability of the product, except those procedures directly concerned with colouring. The objective of the various finishing processes is to make fabric from